Britannia Season Two

Created by Jez Butterworth, Tom Butterworth and James Richardson, Britannia Season two is available now on Sky Atlantic. 

The Romans are here and set to stay. Two years on from his invasion of Britannia, with the help of Celt Queen Amena (Annabel Scholey), General Aulus (David Morrissey) is romanising willing Celt tribes and crushing those who try to resist. 

The only form of hope for the Druids and Celts is Cait (Elenor Worthington-Cox), a young girl being trained by outcast Druid Divis (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), to fulfil a prophecy that would save Britannia from the Romans. But when a dead man wakes, two Druid brothers (Mackenzie Crook) begin an epic battle of wills that divides the Druids and puts the prophecy in jeopardy.

A Neal Street Productions & Vertigo Films Production for Sky Atlantic